How IT Works

No matter what business field are you in, no matter how complicate is your business problem, product or service: adopting the right methodology and applying it through the best practitioners using the right tools will always lead you to the right solution~ Pie Team.

Clients approach us with their business problem, and we apply our 7 steps Pieodology on it as follows :

  • Assess : clients usually approach us with what looks like an identified ready-to-be-solved problem, however we always consider it a hint not a problem, as per historical experience other problems raise out while applying Pie assessments. So we always begin by assessing the current situation.
  • Identify : as an output of Pie assessment, we come out with the root cause(s) of the problem, once the root causes are identified we go to the next step.
  • Research : our team start their research on the most fit solutions to this problem, through Pie and Pie partners knowledge bases.
  • Propose : we propose the options of the best solution to our client, whether the solution is in the domain of Pie services or not, what matters is our client's satisfaction.
  • Select : we support our client to select the best solution based on our assessment outputs and based on the client/business situation.
  • Implement : we take the implementation as a project on its own, and we run it as one.
  • Assure : we go a further step with our client assuring what was implemented and evaluating the business situation after implementing the selected resolution. And we do stay in touch with our clients.

Yet, More 7 steps to Expand ! :

  • Plan: we identify key requirements looking at many aspects for our clients' business to expand, then we start our planning sessions which results into Plan development.
  • Develop : through the Project Plan development we apply market researches and business analysis which will lighten the road map for our clients.
  • Assess: then we lead the implementation of the project, applying best customized practices which meets clients' expectations and results, after putting down the required quality guidelines.
  • Assess : accomplishing a project, the Right Way, depends mostly on the quality assurance methodologies utilized from the first step till the project closure, by providing periodic reports showing the performance and risks on the run.
  • Enhance : applying project quality checks, doesn't end with Pie team at raising performance and risks reports, we always provide suggestions of enhancements, risk mitigation and problems solutions along with the performance reporting activity.
  • Invest : once the project is done and is proven to the client to be successful, we go a further step, preparing plans and requirements for the client to expand the business, here comes the investment part, the client at this stage have all what it needs to judge on the success of the project against the risks levels addressed and will have the option to make a solid decision on going for further business expansion.
  • Expand : if the client chosen to go further with expansion, we also take care of the expansion project by project, maintaining deliverables and hiring the right talents to run operations.