A world where you will be inspired every day.

Welcome to Pie,  a World of innovation..

Pie welcomes you into a world where you will be inspired every day. No matter where, you will be sure to deal with a winning team who is innovative, empowered and dedicated to adding value to businesses, for people and for communities.

As a Client, you will find an open, collaborative and creative environment, filled with possibilities that motivate you to develop further.
There is a place for you here, if you are to find a long-term solutions to your business needs, have the right ideas.

Pie is a Saudi Company, working across borders, to find sustainable and innovative products, processes and solutions. As a company, we thrive on building diverse teams comprising of unique abilities, backgrounds and experiences. Innovation is our key strength and we truly believe that diversity stimulates innovative ideas and solutions.

Through over 60 years of cumulative experience in international and national companies with verity of industries and fields, Pie team delivers you the best practical advisory service in many fields, which are divided in 2 major areas:  Business Development & Organization Development, delivered through Project Management approach.


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